Overview : Visiting an Exhibition


Introduction Trade Shows Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of creating experiences and we strongly believe that an event may be forgotten, but an experience will last a lifetime. A pioneer in the events, exhibitions & conferences, we have been instrumental in shaping the event management industry in India.

The business generated through our Exhibitions gives business to our exhibitors throughout the year.

Benefits of Visiting an Exhibition

Why Visit?

Find new markets and opportunities

Evaluate products and suppliers – you get competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time

Compare and discuss specific issues, features, prices and conditions

Follow latest trends and innovations – keep yourself up to date

Place orders and negotiate contracts

Find information to solve specific problems

Gain an overview of the market and industry – trade fairs bring together the whole industry worldwide

Get new ideas for your business

Evaluate your competitors – a visit to a trade fair in your own industry is an efficient way of gathering competitor intelligence

Gather suggestions regarding your own business e.g. product and design

Keep in touch with your existing business partners

Generate new business contacts

Meet colleagues from your own industry (politics, business)

Look for specific products and services